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Zach Niles

Hey Zach - great to hear from you. The All Stars were indeed there and in fact Angie may be interested in using their music in an amazing documentary she is producing. Who is the best person to be in touch with on music licensing if she is able to use some?

Hey Gillian!

You may remember me from our talks about my film The Refugee All Stars about a group of Sierra Leonean refugee musicians (Chris Jenkins one of our cameramen put us in touch) .. I was so happy to find this link and hear what you're up to over there. Also, such a cool coincidence, but I believe the band is playing on Wednesday at the event at the British High Commission! If you get a chance , say "Hi" to them and let them know tah you know Chris Jenkins and myself. Good luck! I'll give you a full update on the film in an e-mail.

All the best,

Zach Niles
Director: The Refugee All Stars

Charlie Crystle

Hey Gillian! Great to see you're continuing the greta work!

Andrew Lih

Keep up the great work!

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