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congratulations! it's great to hear that the TRC reports have been of success. I'm excited to watch the CNN interview; for the past year, much of her interviews have served the sole purpose of spreading awareness. It's fantastic to see her doing all that she can with what she has, and I'm sure she has seen or will see the fruits of her labor in the months to come.

Cheers to being inspired. best of luck

Angie Hung

wow Gillian, I admire you a lot. Most of us (including me) are too self-absorbed to take action on such huge issues.

Birgitte Rasine

Dear Gillian, Angelina, and the WITNESS team,

I think this is the first time that I feel truly a part of an active global society. My team and I know WITNESS, everyone knows Angelina, and the issues you are so actively and fearlessly resolving affect multitudes, either directly in Sierra Leone or indirectly, vicariously, in many other countries. That puts all of us closer together, and on a different level -- it's not about wow we're so small and we cannot do anything. It's about the ability that each one of us has to do what we can, in our own power and sphere of influence, no matter how great or how small.

To pull together celebrity, courage, determination, and boundless energy for a single, supremely focused goal, is just outstanding. May the leaders of the world take notice on what a few individuals are accomplishing, without the usual fetters of bureaucracy and politics.

I've sat in countless international conferences, and nowhere have I seen more get done than here.

As I've said to you earlier, if there is anything our organization can do to support the work that you are doing, please let us know.

With kind regards, Birgitte Rasine


Thanks for the update Gillian! I look forward to the interview on CNN and the additional awareness that will be drawn towards the issue at hand. It's great to see that the ball is still rolling!

Great work!

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